Why we’re Different

Results Focus

It is my role to support you in achieving better health outcomes as quickly as I can. Being results focused is more about getting the desired outcomes rather than focusing on what kind of modality I might use to get you there. I aim to combine the best available evidence with my skills, knowledge and experience to get the results you need.


Individualised Care

I listen to you so that I can provide individualised care. Individualised care is planned to meet the particular needs of one client as opposed to a predetermined protocol applied to all clients. You are unique. Each person has their own particular set of signs, symptoms, circumstances and influences that define their health.  I also recognise that as individuals, people can respond to different types of treatment and so require an individualised approach. I often combine acupuncture, acupuncture point injection, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, structural balancing and connective tissue release techniques to treat a wide range of conditions.


Holistic Approach

As the name suggests, when treating a client we should not only focus on the specific disorder but the whole person to reach a higher level of wellness. For example, when treating low back pain,w e must consider what other factors are contributing to the area of pain. Was the low back pain caused by postural or workplace factors, is there an apparent leg length discrepancy or weak core stability muscles. We must also consider that the treatment of fertility issues is not just about the health of the reproductive organs but the whole person which includes factors such as diet, behaviour, social and work stresses.Because of the nature of a holistic approach you may at times require referral to other health professionals.



Nothing is more certain than change. This is especially the case in healthcare. Our knowledge and understanding of the human body can change rapidly. Social and environmental factors which effect healthcare are also constantly changing. As healthcare needs change, so to must we change the way we provide that healthcare. In such a dynamic environment we aim to be innovative in our practice.

Whilst the history of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is rich and has much to offer I don’t believe that all of the answers can be found in the ancient texts. In our practice, we use the ancient knowledge of this dynamic form of medicine by adapting it and applying it in the modern Australian context. The practice of modern acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine really is ancient medicine for modern ailments.