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How to Ice a Sprain, Strain or other Acute Injury

Posted ago by Ian Murray

Whether you are a weekend warrior or serious athlete sprains and strains can and probably will happen to all of us at some stage. From a mildly sprained ankle to a severely strained (torn) calf; such an injury can keep …

Acupuncture Gives an Edge in Sports Injury Management

Posted ago by Ian Murray

Whether you are a recreational runner or an elite athlete there is nothing more frustrating than when an injury keeps you from participating in the exercise that you love. It doesn’t matter whether it is an ankle sprain or niggling …

Managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted ago by Ian Murray

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition characterised by pain, tingling or numbness of the palm side of the thumb and first three fingers. The onset is usually gradual and symptoms are often first noticed at night. Symptoms can include pain, …