The only exposure to cupping for many people is the strange marks sported by Gwyneth Paltrow at a New York film premier in 2004.

Cupping was used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians and some Eastern European countries for many centuries. Cupping is also a technique used by Chinese medicine practitioners. Traditionally cupping involved the use of sections of bamboo. The bamboo sections were placed in hot water to be heated before being applied to the skin. As the air inside the cup cooled, a partial vacuum is created which allowed the cups to pull on the soft tissue, stretching and drawing blood to the local area. Today, modern Chinese medicine practitioners use hygienically clean glass cups. The air inside the cups is heated using a naked flame before placing them on the skin. Despite the use of a naked flame, the heat is not felt by the person receiving the treatment.

Cupping is primarily used in Chinese medicine is to improve the flow of qi and blood through the meridians where it has become blocked or stagnant such as in some cases of neck or back pain. Cupping can be used to relieve tight muscles by lifting the local connective tissue, loosening adhesions and increasing blood flow to areas of the body that have been tight and congested. Many people who receive cupping treatments say that it feels like they have had a deep massage.

In Chinese medicine, cupping is also thought to draw out the cold, wind and damp from the body and is so used to treat conditions such as common cold or influenza.

It is common for the marks left by cupping to be referred to as bruising but this is not the case. Whilst cupping marks are caused by the leakage of blood from blood vessels they are not painful or touch tender. The marks left by cupping may look spectacular but they are not painful. If you are planning on having a cupping treatment, you should be aware that it will leave marks that may take up to a week to fade completely.

Some clients find cupping so relaxing and beneficial that they choose to have their back cupped once every 4to 6 weeks to relieve back tension and reduce stress.

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