Acupuncture for Painful Conditions

Acupuncture Gives an Edge in Sports Injury Management

Posted ago by Ian Murray

Whether you are a recreational runner or an elite athlete there is nothing more frustrating than when an injury keeps you from participating in the exercise that you love. It doesn’t matter whether it is an ankle sprain or niggling …

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Posted ago by Ian Murray

A Painful and aching back is common during pregnancy particularly as the pregnancy progresses often making it difficult to perform normal tasks and sometimes causing difficulty when getting up after sitting or lying down. There are several reasons for back …

Achilles Tendon Pain

Posted ago by Ian Murray

Midportion Achilles tendinopathy is a chronic, painful condition sometimes referred to as Achilles Tendinosis, Achilles tendinitis or Achilles heel pain. For the sake of simplicity and for the purpose of this article I will refer to Midportion Achilles tendinopathy as Achilles …