Back Pain During Pregnancy

There is no need to suffer with back pain during pregnancy.

There is no need to suffer with back pain during pregnancy.

A Painful and aching back is common during pregnancy particularly as the pregnancy progresses often making it difficult to perform normal tasks and sometimes causing difficulty when getting up after sitting or lying down.

There are several reasons for back pain in pregnancy. The increase in body weight and the added weight of a growing baby puts extra strain on the muscles and other structures of the back. The added weight also makes it difficult to maintain good posture causing fatigue and further discomfort. In many cases the lower back pain can be caused by the release of hormones such as relaxin that soften the ligaments supporting the spine and sacroiliac joint. The extra laxity of these ligaments can lead irritation and inflammation particularly of the sacroiliac joint resulting in pain and discomfort at the base of the lower back and into the hips.

A backache in pregnancy is not usually a sign of anything sinister but you should seek treatment to minimise the pain and prevent any long term complications. If your back pain comes on suddenly you should seek medical attention, as this may be an indicator of problems in early pregnancy such as miscarriage or labour during the later stages of pregnancy.

Some of the strategies for preventing lower back pain in the general population applies to people experiencing back pain during pregnancy. Try to maintain good posture, choose a chair with good back support and avoid slouching. Don’t wear high heels as this will place extra strain on the lower back and replace your old saggy mattress with one that provides good firm support. While in bed try using pillows to support your belly and use a pillow between your legs when in the side lying position.

Regular treatment from acupuncturist can support you if you are experiencing back pain during or after pregnancy.

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