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Results Focused,   Expertise,   Holistic Approach

Ian’s History in a Snapshot

BHScAc Cert Ac (China), Cert IV Rem Therapies, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispenser, Director Advanced Acupuncture Education Pty Ltd

  • 2001 Commenced full time work at Kenmore Centre for Health (KCFH) as Remedial Therapist.
  • 2005 Graduated with Advanced Diploma Health Science Acupuncture.
  • 2006 Internship Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Peoples Republic of China.
  • 2007 Graduated with Bachelor of Health Science, Acupuncture.
  • 2008 Elected to Queensland State Committee of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).
  • 2009 Authored Infection Control Guidelines for Biomesotherapy. published by the Australian Society for Bioregulation.
  • 2010 Founding Director of Advanced Acupuncture Education
  • 2010 Best first paper award (co-author), Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference.
  • 2010 Published in the Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
  • 2010 Authored Infection control management plan template for Queensland acupuncturist practices.
  • 2010 Elected to Board of the AACMA.
  • 2011 Elected President of the AACMA.
  • 2012 Registered as a Chinese medicine practitioner in the divisions of Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner and Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispenser.
  • 2016 Commenced work as a contract academic at Endeavour College of Natural Health.


Ian graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture). While completing his health science degree, Ian supported his young family by working as a Remedial Massage Therapist at the Kenmore Centre for Health. 

Guangxi TCM University, People Republic of China

Ian has since completed studies in Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy, Advanced Injection Techniques and Auricular Acupuncture. Ian has also studied in Nanning China at the Guangxi TCM University.

In 2009 Ian authored Infection Control Guidelines for Biomesotherapy published by the Australian Society for Bioregulation.

In 2010 Ian and business partner Daniel Hall founded Advanced Acupuncture Education Pty Ltd, a training organisation which provides courses on point injection therapy to registered health professionals.

At the Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference (AACMAC) 2010 Ian presented a paper called Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy in the Treatment of Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy and co-authored the award winning presentation Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy in Australia. In the same year Ian also co-authored an Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy case history published in Australia’s only peer reviewed acupuncture and Chinese medicine journal, the Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Ian presented two workshops at AACMAC 2011 in Perth on the application of Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy for Trochantar Bursitis and on Lower Back Pain.

Dr Zehn Zheng, Li Danning, Ian Murray

Dr Zehn Zheng, Li Danning, Ian Murray

In May 2011 Ian was elected President of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. In October 2011 Ian was invited to attend the international forum and exhibition on integrative healthcare where he met with Li Daning, Deputy Commissioner SATCM, Peoples Republic of China.

In 2011 Ian was also asked to write two articles for the Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

 “I am results focused and use an evidence informed approach to provide holistic care. I recognise that as individuals, people can respond to different types of treatment. I often combine acupuncture, acupuncture point injection, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, structural balancing and connective tissue release techniques to manage a wide range of conditions.”

“I consider myself to be very fortunate because I love my job. After spending 13 years in a job that I didn’t like, I got some simple advice from a valued friend, “stop complaining and do something about it”. I knew if I stayed where I was, then nothing would change so the next day I went to work and resigned. From there I found myself studying remedial massage and after gaining my qualifications I started full-time employment as a remedial therapist. It was here that I saw just how effective acupuncture could be. Four years later I completed my Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) and have been working as an Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner ever since.”

“My real passion is achieving results for a client. Every day I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of my clients. This drives me to continually search for better treatment methods and strive for the best possible outcomes for my clients. If however other services are needed I will help you find a solution.”

“I am dedicated to expanding the clinical role and acceptance of acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a mainstream component of the Australian health system.”


From a young age, Ian’s keen interest in sport has allowed him to enjoy competing in a wide range of sports including rugby union, swimming, volleyball and martial arts. Ian also has a keen interest in weights training and general fitness. In his spare time, Ian loves to spend time with his young family or working on one of his many projects on Instagram as the handy primate

Ian has worked full-time at the Kenmore Centre for Health since 2001 .

Kenmore Centre for HealthSuite 7, 1st Floor, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore 4069, Ph 07 3878 4477

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